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Disant lament .... (contd)

Tiny little fingers
All clenched tight
And ten tiny toes
All curled up tonight.
The soft warm flutters
That your breath creates
The soft hair
And the tiny face

I'd do anything
For that toothless smile
That spontaneous chuckle
And those beady eyes ...

The miles are certainly
Hard on me
Sleeping alone
When I should have
Been with thee ….

Distant lament ....

I am sometimes
Scared that
My weary words
May not traverse
The long silences
That this distance
Adds, and
The weariness that
Spans time zones
Only aggravates this
Pain, and
Reminds me of
The fact that we
Both know so
Well. And
Tis time alone
That will
Turn its wheel
And turn this
Sordid vacuity
Into a warm
Welcome propinquity...

Another year passeth by ..

Another year passeth by ...
We grow older
You and I

I betray it
Slower movements
On unsure legs

You hide it
An elegant walk
Measured pace!

Last year's lines..

Another year passeth by,
We grow older
You and I

I betray it
Grave looks
And taciturn ways

You hide it
A pensive front
Cloaking vacuous days.

This started it....

Another year passeth by,
We grow older
You and I

I betray it
Stray wrinkles
And wisps of grey

You hide it.
On ponderous display...

To clear the air...

The Me is me
The You is too
Two sides of a coin
Or just a different view ...

The fountain dries out .... ??

Why is it
When words beckon
Time decides to fly

Why is it
When time lingers
Words abruptly turn shy

Happy Diwali

Like the crackers and lamps
That burn tonight
May you also light up the lives
Of those around you ...

Happy Diwali!

Welcome ....

Last few days have been an overwhelming experience.... Too overwhelming I think for my words to be able to capture them (at least for now). Maybe a few days down the line I will give it a try...

In the meanwhile, please welcome our new alien...


Busy days, unfinished work
No time and Impending news
Demand a hiatus


Mindless Meandering .......

There was just this vague urge to write. The words were not there, not even an idea, just the plain urge and I thought , lets write. Let’s let the hands for once be wilful obedient slaves to the wishes of the mind. Let them not like always cast aspersions, hesitate and ‘backspace’ their way through.

And so these words come to you… with a simple request… let for once your eyes read them. Not each one of them separately, but all together. Let the sum of their parts find the way to your heart without letting the ‘mindful’ watchdogs interpret , translate, transpose and find meanings even for spaces between the words (much like we often do with the silences, when we talk!)

Let these mindless meandering words paint a picture unique . One where each word silently adds a stroke to the canvas . One where you can only see the canvas once all my words are exhausted. For once let my only words talk to you, not their meanings or not even their mindless meanderings..



Unfinished and an ill-executed idea.... all the same....

Distant conversations on telephone calls
Emotions bridged by Yahoo Emoticons
How can few minutes of connectivity
Help bridge the absence of propinquity

When I want to mask the pain writ large on my face
The distant conversation is often a matter of solace
When deep hidden pain I however must show
The distance hides my face, not my silence though …

Implied ..

From a comment I left on Gulnaz's blog

Sometimes we assign more subtelties
To words than they can carry
And heartfelt emotions
Are drowned in the flood
Of implied implicitness

Thank you

An uninispired blogger –
Words have eluded me
For many a day
And inspiring thoughts
Refuse to stay

They flash past
With little remorse
And memory fails
When I try it to coerce

These words thus owe
Their frail existence to
Many a word written by
Inspired bloggers like you

Thank you for the words ....

In flight (contd)....

Clouds, roads and myriad greens
A family, career, wants and dreams
A Jigsaw puzzle – In flight!


Leaving a home for a new one is a heart breaking experience. The vibes/implicit suggestions of an impending movement begin quite early. In fact, contrary to what follows they are actually quite exciting – which place, what sort of work awaits, is it better if I was transferred to some other place instead of this one , what about accommodation and most importantly – maids to do the housework!! The questions are endless and many a waking hour is spent answering them, thinking, speculating and even gossiping to some extent. It then becomes time to start packing and procrastinating. Somehow I guess both go hand in hand, eventually getting to the stage where tension begins to build and the realisation that there may not be enough time at hand looms large. And so we begin...
The first to go are the knick knacks lying easily at hand. Each wrapped in crushed newspapers or old clothes or other things like bubble wrap. The newspapers have their own story to tell; saved out in a corner over the l…

In flight ....

From nagging bosses and unending work
To fluffy clouds and blue skies
In flight!

Pull down the window shade
Shut out the light
'Tis best to catch some sleep
Whilst still
In flight!

Paternal Haiku

Immersed in my world
Travel n work ...
And my unborn one in his

Alien ahgain ... ?? ah...

Life has this funny way
Of getting back..
When you think
You had it figured out...
You realise you couldnt
Have even imagined
What it
Holds in store

Storms at Sea

Storms at sea are a humbling experience...

Frail lives in a tin can
The might of nature
Barely withstand
And realisation
Dawns on sensitive few
Through the fog of fear
Our insignificance shines through...

Master of Technology

So I am done
Jack of all
Master of one?


Oh I see
its the gcc

It needs one older
Else its a goner

4.1's too new
and 3.4 wont do

32 works like a charm
but where's the rpm? Darn..

So its time FC4 to reload
FC6 wont take the load .....


Awake alone...

As I watch
Your breath rise and fall

I despair
At the futility, et al

Of trying
Rhyming lines to write

When all I want
Is to sleep, tonight!

Beside Me

The stuffed toys
Are lined up
Beside Me

The warm blankets
Are tossed away
Beside Me

The fluffy pillows
Are stacked up
Beside Me

The half-read books
Are piled up
Beside Me

And all I wish for:
That you were there
Curled up
Beside Me
An old piece....

An apprehensive knock
On a friendly door
A contrived smile
Breaks on frigid shore

No sign of that which
Brings us to this fateful day
When old friends must meet
As strangers may

The food
It tastes nostalgically hot
Long since I ate here
Long since we fought

Our words carefully
Uncomfortable references mask.
To prevent the pain
Is an arduous task

And so we hide
Our pain and thought
Cloaking them with
Niceties and nought

And exchange things
That we did
While our lives
From the other were hid

The experienced scars
Caution induce
Lest fresh blood purges
The delicate truce.

I think we must allow
The scars to bleed
Catharsize our souls
Nourish friendship’s seed

Till then silently
We'll bleed in compromise
Scared to expose
What our scars disguise