Unfinished and an ill-executed idea.... all the same....

Distant conversations on telephone calls
Emotions bridged by Yahoo Emoticons
How can few minutes of connectivity
Help bridge the absence of propinquity

When I want to mask the pain writ large on my face
The distant conversation is often a matter of solace
When deep hidden pain I however must show
The distance hides my face, not my silence though …


are these poems products of personal experiences?
the pain, thankfully, barely gets across all the ether but sometimes I wonder if all the love gets filtered out too.
nothing beats being able to touch/smell/see while talking to a person.

and yeah, I don mind any version of my blogger identity you choose to use.
Alien said…
love et al: Hi.. well some of them are .. not actual experiences though, most are triggered by the experiences and combined with servings of poetic license....

I sincerely hope that the love doesnt get filtered out.. isnt that what keeps it going??

Saee said…
wow.. :)
Like I said..this verse makes me miss missing anyone..
Alien said…
As I said Saee,
You shall have those
Days too
For that you must enjoy
The present ones too
Anonymous said…
Just a matter of few days i guess...
This hope is what keeps us going...isnt it? :-)
Alien said…
Anon..: Yes it is.. and e'en though faces and 'names' be hidden.. we know for sure .. right?
Anonymous said…
yeah... you bet :-)
Epiphany said…
Look at the bright side...yahoo lets you talk with food in your mouth :)...just kidding...looks like silence is pestering u quite a lot...

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