In flight ....

From nagging bosses and unending work
To fluffy clouds and blue skies
In flight!

Pull down the window shade
Shut out the light
'Tis best to catch some sleep
Whilst still
In flight!


Ashwini said…
if you can't find
what you're looking for
look again
at what you've found...

Congrats to you & R.
Saee said…
That is an adorable verse. :)
I completely agree with you
where are you off to? :)
Alien said…
ashwini: Thanks...
I found what I looked for
Though it took me a while
To realise what
I had been looking for !!

Saee: Thanks... home!! and maybe somewhere else too but we shall save that for a later day!
Ginger Girl said…
:) ...nice verse :))

By the way..the first comment is from SwB's blog....


Guess you dont...I just chanced upon your blog through some other blog...
Epiphany said…
Catch a nap...if u can..:)

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