Morbid Post!!

Sorry for the morbid thoughts..

I'm not trying to prove a point
At least not to you
One doesn't risk ones head on a rock
When the rock is sure to hurt you


Lovely blog. I added you to my blogroll.
Epiphany said…
Well wouldn't the most probable reason for risking your head actually be to prove a point? :) nice one btw!
Alien said…
@epiphany: Yes and no ... :-) Some times its just about doing something right and not proving it to anybody, whoever may think otherwise... and to some, often, how you behave doesn't really matter / change anything ... cryptic?? :-)

@lalita: honoured .... follow this to see some of my old stuff.. do keep dropping by !!
Just so you know, been going through your blog.

And a little bit of curiosity, how did you land on mine?
Alien said…
@languorous...: Blog hopped my way there.. dont remember from where though.. but I liked it enough to link.. hope u don't mind!

So did u like me place?
iz said…
Hey. Thanks for your comment. Had a good read here and am planning on being a regular!
Alien said…
@iz: Most welcome ..... hope you like it around here!!
Aditya said…
nice one this ..

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