Oh I see
its the gcc

It needs one older
Else its a goner

4.1's too new
and 3.4 wont do

32 works like a charm
but where's the rpm? Darn..

So its time FC4 to reload
FC6 wont take the load .....



Ramnath R Iyer said…
Good one! Very funny, especially for those who've experienced these issues.

But I never had any problems with FC6. :-/
Alien said…
Ramnath: I was cruising along with FC6 too, till i had o modify this madwifi driver code .. ;-)
austere said…
tech stuff, eh?
Sounded latin for a bit.
Good to have you back, sir.
Alien said…
austere: Yeah.. i was wondering if I'd find some sympathisers to that sort of stuff too...

Hey.. me and sir
Dont Concur!!
Friend, Mate pass the test
Plain old name's the best!!
manuscrypts said…
fed up!! hehe.. meanwhile drop in at my blog for some fourplay :)

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