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Mindless Meandering .......

There was just this vague urge to write. The words were not there, not even an idea, just the plain urge and I thought , lets write. Let’s let the hands for once be wilful obedient slaves to the wishes of the mind. Let them not like always cast aspersions, hesitate and ‘backspace’ their way through.

And so these words come to you… with a simple request… let for once your eyes read them. Not each one of them separately, but all together. Let the sum of their parts find the way to your heart without letting the ‘mindful’ watchdogs interpret , translate, transpose and find meanings even for spaces between the words (much like we often do with the silences, when we talk!)

Let these mindless meandering words paint a picture unique . One where each word silently adds a stroke to the canvas . One where you can only see the canvas once all my words are exhausted. For once let my only words talk to you, not their meanings or not even their mindless meanderings..



Unfinished and an ill-executed idea.... all the same....

Distant conversations on telephone calls
Emotions bridged by Yahoo Emoticons
How can few minutes of connectivity
Help bridge the absence of propinquity

When I want to mask the pain writ large on my face
The distant conversation is often a matter of solace
When deep hidden pain I however must show
The distance hides my face, not my silence though …

Implied ..

From a comment I left on Gulnaz's blog

Sometimes we assign more subtelties
To words than they can carry
And heartfelt emotions
Are drowned in the flood
Of implied implicitness