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the joy of learning...

Among the multitude of questions
That tested our ignorance
Were few that sneered
And scorned at our existence

There were few
Who stood by us smiling
Cloaked in their guile
Silently misleading

And then a band
Of those elite few
That led us seductively
To explore our imagination
And stretch the envelope

Of knowledge and perception.
Helping us unveil
Through reason and application
Joyous paths drawing out that ephemeral realisation
"Ah.. that's how the damn thing works..."
Well, today I took a trip down memory lane...

So to say I didnt really wander down trails that have grown misty, while lying lost in my mind, but I decided to visit a different set of memories... those of others. Those that lay trapped on pages such as these in the bits and bytes of the cyber world... I followed the links on my own blog page... links to people and thoughts that I liked, loved, found interseting or intriguing... and I often ended up on blind alleys.. found that the memories I was trying to refresh had disappeared....

Will that be the fate of these lines as well?... who knows...