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Disant lament .... (contd)

Tiny little fingers
All clenched tight
And ten tiny toes
All curled up tonight.
The soft warm flutters
That your breath creates
The soft hair
And the tiny face

I'd do anything
For that toothless smile
That spontaneous chuckle
And those beady eyes ...

The miles are certainly
Hard on me
Sleeping alone
When I should have
Been with thee ….

Distant lament ....

I am sometimes
Scared that
My weary words
May not traverse
The long silences
That this distance
Adds, and
The weariness that
Spans time zones
Only aggravates this
Pain, and
Reminds me of
The fact that we
Both know so
Well. And
Tis time alone
That will
Turn its wheel
And turn this
Sordid vacuity
Into a warm
Welcome propinquity...

Another year passeth by ..

Another year passeth by ...
We grow older
You and I

I betray it
Slower movements
On unsure legs

You hide it
An elegant walk
Measured pace!

Last year's lines..

Another year passeth by,
We grow older
You and I

I betray it
Grave looks
And taciturn ways

You hide it
A pensive front
Cloaking vacuous days.

This started it....

Another year passeth by,
We grow older
You and I

I betray it
Stray wrinkles
And wisps of grey

You hide it.
On ponderous display...

To clear the air...

The Me is me
The You is too
Two sides of a coin
Or just a different view ...

The fountain dries out .... ??

Why is it
When words beckon
Time decides to fly

Why is it
When time lingers
Words abruptly turn shy