Disant lament .... (contd)

Tiny little fingers
All clenched tight
And ten tiny toes
All curled up tonight.
The soft warm flutters
That your breath creates
The soft hair
And the tiny face

I'd do anything
For that toothless smile
That spontaneous chuckle
And those beady eyes ...

The miles are certainly
Hard on me
Sleeping alone
When I should have
Been with thee ….


Saee said…
I guess this one is harder to take..
The little fingers that hold on to your hair.. :)
And the curious eyes..
And the smell of johnson's baby powder mixed with all the indian herbs. :)
A cute little packet tightly wrapped in the chilly December cold!
I bet that is harder to take than weary words.:)
e said…
Congratulations and yes, the distance is killing.
Phantasmagoria said…
:) Congratulations. Enjoy the yearning too.
tdivekar said…
long distance pain seen from your words !
Epiphany said…
hang in there man...can't imagine how hard it is for you right now!
downtowner said…
The beckoning touch
The yearning such
A humbling thought
A numbing clot
Persistent, Everpervading
Effervescent, Omnipresent
Haunting, Daunting
Unforgettable, Irrepresible
Alien? no more;
Human to the core!
I so know. I miss my baby too. a different kinda baby, though.
hope you find your way back home soon.
Lorena said…
what endearing words..hope this finds you in good spirits.
Saee said…
Okay I think it is time to write a new one. :)
Chitra said…
Good one ....and cute one :-)!

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