Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How Can

An old piece recovered from the old blog .... and a little editing to go with the times..

Over a cup of coffee
How can
Decide to spend the entire span
Of our conscious and unconscious lives together
In pleasure and pain
Through fair and foul weather

Making silly small talk
How can
Conclude from what today we speak
Tomorrow our words shall liven our lives
Or turn them bleak.

In our actions and gestures
How can
Try to normal be
When the act of sitting here itself
Is a deviation from normalcy

Post a lifetime spent together
How can
So surely tell
That we'd know each other well
When past half our lives we're ignorant of
All the people we're made up of.

So let’s begin
The compromise
And honestly
Try to surmise
All that we adore
And things that we
Just can't ignore.