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Another year passeth by ...

Another year passeth by
We grow older
You and I

I betray it
Fixed and Rigid
Through waking days...

You hide it
Firm and Resolute
In your ways...

Astral Musings

Another old post from the old blog ... put up here for old time's sake... Glittering diamonds
Sprinkled liberally
Millions more
Than the eye can see

Spread a blanket
On the dark night sky
Mutely watch us
Mortals spin by

Orion’s belt points to
Sirius bright
And Pleiades clear
On a moonless night

Imagined lines and
Each mortal name -
Nought but feeble
Claims to fame

Human attempts
Labouring to mime
A divine Creator
And unconquerable Time.

Afflictions of
Hominid yearnings
To leave covetous marks
On their surroundings


In a class on Organisational Behaviour ....

Discussing 'Stress'
Demanded creativity
In using English
To hide Perplexity.

Stagnation and Stability

An old piece from the olf blog that sadly doesn't show up.. reworked a bit to soothe my senses now...
17 - 18 Feb 04
Stagnation and Stability are two of the worst villains that we face; each complementing the other; the latter fostering the former. Ever so easily we fall prey to them and slip into the inviting jaws of Contentment. Devils in sugar-coated sweetness...
Dissatisfaction is what makes the world go round!!
Satisfaction should be like the horizon… distant, where one's aims seem to meet the path one's treading on; a place which one can never reach; yet one which always looks inviting, alluring and prods one to go on. It is the journey that’s important, not the destination; for once one gets there there’s nowhere else to go!
All around we find people escaping this reality, refusing to acknowledge its presence, shutting it out of their lives and succeeding at it…!
Well, if one tries hard enough, I think there’s nothing one cannot achieve, even if it’s the task of dr…

Happy New Year...

Ushering in the new year in a distant land ....

With loud music blaring its way into my brain, its really difficult to find the words to say something that you cant even think about... The music is an anaesthetic, numbing the brain, forcing it to resign its otherwise unceasing efforts to keep the flow of thought flowing, however, ephemeral those thoughts may be... Rhymes are not even round the corner....

So please accept these modest wishes...

I hope that the New Year brings you health, satisfaction and peace of mind. The courage and conviction to set aside beliefs, to take the risk and follow the calling of your heart....

A Happy New Year to Ye All .....

Merry X'mas

25 Dec 11
The dark restless waters The calm white starlight And the missing moon tonight
Set a Christmas test Of sharing My distant 'silence'  With ye all..