Old is gold?

Today I thought
I'd be narcissus.

Read my own lines
To slake the thirst

To read a decent word or two
That wasn't asking me to

Politely take some urgent action
To expedite some interaction,

Or ask some party to
Fulfill a clause they agreed to..

Even as my feeble words satisfy the drought
I am troubled by this peculiar thought

"Each line I write today
Seems duller than the one I wrote yesterday

Was I better at words earlier?
Or tis Posterity that makes it so appear?"


Saee said…
Just like a pen, when not in use
Needs to get used to ink
And the smooth notebook complains
Of the discomfort from its stubble :)
Like hinges need grease
And silver needs polish
A poet needs a little dose
Of inspiration
Everyday. :)
Get inspired more often. :D
Epiphany said…
Don't be so hard on yourself dude! there is nothing dull about this post!
neither your words nor the cobwebs on your blog, it's jus you tryin hard to be a lil too perfect, methinks.
Ashwini said…
Long time no post... hw r u .. Hope alls well.
SwB said…
hope all is well bro.


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