“Thank you for the words …”

That a troubled mind is the best muse, is something I have come to believe in strongly. When I am troubled and in unrest, words flow unhindered. Ideas struggle to find their way onto paper and the whole experience is so cathartic that it often leaves me feeling calmer and more at peace with myself.

This in itself is a dangerous situation. The flowing words do little to resolve the issues that had unsettled the mind in the first place. They act like anaesthetics – providing temporary relief till the dull ache returns as the anaesthetic wears off; till one realizes that the root cause still remains.

Those few moments of peace, though, help to soothe frayed nerves and allow the failing confidence to claw its way back, to reinstate that lost bit of self esteem and to be honest, to also provide a sense of superiority – that will sound funny I think!! But the gift of words is so often not given to all, and those that may, often secretly steal a moment of pride. Arrogance? Mostly no... I think its just a sense of happiness, that is known only to those who experience it. A sense of fulfillment that can only be experienced and is so difficult to describe, even by those who have a way with words!

So I say a la ABBA ….

“Thank you for the words
The lines I’m writing
Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing
Who can live without it
I ask in all honesty.
What would I be?
Without the words we write
What are we?
So I say,
Thank you for the words….
For giving them to me!”


Anonymous said…
I hope the words have played their magic.. :-)

Cheer Up
Saee said…
I so agree with you!! :)
And yes, Cheer up!! :)
Tapan said…
you have been tagged ... fill the rest up..
austere said…
See! You've got me singing, with the drum beats and all, and a sudden smile...power of words, eh?
gulnaz said…
you are right...in total agreement with u
I'm pretty sure the people who don't have a way with words make do with crazed yelling at their partners.I should know. :P
Tinky Toinkers said…
:) not troubled. though you are right here... words do tend to flow right then. not troubled, but hit. never realized just how big a gift it is to be able to look life in the eye and say, like i care about what YOU think.
now i just need to learn to unlearn a few things.
Saee said…
It has been a long time..hmm?? Why are you not writing??

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