Mahan vs Corbett

Mahan and a 'decisive battle'
Is it the case of a boiling kettle?
Blowing a lot of hot steam
About something
That to some,
May natural seem!

Of navies and land wars wrote Corbett
Sometimes sneered at Mahan, and yet
Cherry picked his naval wars to get His students
To read 
The 'Green Pamphlet'

That Mahan was inspired by Jomini
Certainly adds to the acrimony
That drives some of us
Out of our wits
To read 
That Corbett also drew  from Clausewitz

To us who have little choice
Since the greats already rolled their dice
Mutely to their ideas 
We must agree,
Till we can
Contribute with better pedigree!!


jagannath said…
Agree with your words on pontification

Something i an sure came with erudition

The ghosts of the past have rested their case

We are struggling as we don't have a firm base

Of history and wars we have abundance

But for producing scholarly minds we undergo this penance.

Alien said…
In this more time to provide we need
If this Penance is to succeed..
jagannath said…
Your penance is to spend more time ...

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