Its been ages

Its been ages and the yearning to get back has got the better of me but sadly I find that words don't follow the mind's desires.. maybe they will have to pulled out with tongs, if need be..

Then maybe a gentler approach would be far more acceptable to the tenuous thoughts that seem to shy away from such signs of violence. Maybe some coaxing and cajoling should help, maybe ....

Or maybe the trick is to let them feel they aren't required any more...

'Hah'.. they scorn at me... "Why'd you abandon us so long then.. Do you think you're our master and we answer to your beck and call..."

I distance myself from this pointed criticism.. "It wasn't me.. It was the ideas... They betrayed me.. Its they who betrayed you.. I had no control.."

"Why didn't you use the approaches you now discuss long ago... with them instead of us?? why?"

Sometimes its best to stay silent.. to let the anger vent itself out!!


Saee said…
welcome back. You were certainly missed. :)
Epiphany said…
Hey buddy! welcome back...most of the blogs have gone cold ... hopefully you can start a trend of revival! :)
Ashwini said…
would like to see you more in this space.
hope you are well

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