Distant lament ....

I am sometimes
Scared that
My weary words
May not traverse
The long silences
That this distance
Adds, and
The weariness that
Spans time zones
Only aggravates this
Pain, and
Reminds me of
The fact that we
Both know so
Well. And
Tis time alone
That will
Turn its wheel
And turn this
Sordid vacuity
Into a warm
Welcome propinquity...


Epiphany said…
The longing for a known touch! No place like home, nai? :) btw congrats for the baby...I think that is the first snippet of your worldly life on this blog! :)
Alien said…
Epiphany: Hi.... yes@home.... and thanks for the wishes!! :-)
Anonymous said…
Its really a matter of few few few days now... be ready... the lionesses are coming ;-) ....
cheer up
Alien said…
Anon: .... I'm waiting quite eagerly!!
Saee said…
This verse is so dainty I think it needs a cover to stay that way.
Lovely. I really liked it!
Keep writing. Write everyday!!

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