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Sikkim Musings

Driving through the mountains is a humbling experience... Especially if you watch the mountain across the valley.. you zig zag for an hour and the mountain opposite just turns and looks over one of his sprawling spurs and nonchalantly seems to say.. 'Oh there you are.. you're still around!'

Air Power - Lecturing to the Men in Blues

Scepticism hung heavy in the air
When the whites told the blues to dare -
Think what men in air could do
But more so of what they couldn't do!

The points the speaker tried to make
Risked being lost to our own take
Of our important place in the larger scheme
Rather than what we really lacked as a team...

Tis important our limitations to face
Even whilst engaging in a race
For our imperfections are important to
Perfecting better versions of ourselves too...

Mahan vs Corbett

Mahan and a 'decisive battle'
Is it the case of a boiling kettle?
Blowing a lot of hot steam
About something
That to some, May natural seem!
Of navies and land wars wrote Corbett
Sometimes sneered at Mahan, and yet
Cherry picked his naval wars to get His students To read  The 'Green Pamphlet'
That Mahan was inspired by Jomini
Certainly adds to the acrimony
That drives some of us Out of our wits
To read  That Corbett also drew  from Clausewitz
To us who have little choice
Since the greats already rolled their dice
Mutely to their ideas  We must agree,
Till we can
Contribute with better pedigree!!