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Easy is the path to wisdom for those not blinded by themselves...--- Old Jedi Saying.

October Revolution (... edited)

The Autumn wind
Redistributes the golden leaves
In his quest for 'socialism'...


Credit goes to this post for inspiring these lines... In fact this was written in the comment box of that post ....

Another year passeth by
We grow older: you and I

I am wisened
When words are penned

Saddened when
The Muse is spent

My frame - tis what your pen depicts
My mood - tis what your mind predicts

Each day this uncertain subsistence
Is a celebration of your kind indulgence

In your own words, asks 'my dependence'
If you ever empathise with my existence?


Tis a sudden spurt of inspiration
Words, meter and allusion

Don't mistake the smoldering desire
With a lucky breeze
That fanned the fire

Another Version

The wind whips away
The golden leaves
From my bare heart

Autumn Revelations

The wind blows away
The autumn leaves
Laying bare - the cold me

Happy Dussera

Akin to Lord Rama
On that tenth day
May we all conquer
Our own demons today.

Happy Dussera to all of you ...


The Sun streams past
The winter curtains
Into my heart

Resign to the mundane...

Let us make a pact
I said to my words
Let me find my friends
Before I look for strangers

Let us make a pact
I said to my thoughts
Lets think about the mundane
Before we look for visitors

So here are a few lines
That the rustiness permits
The dull edge of a knife
Yields a jagged verse at best

To write or not to write ?