An old piece....

An apprehensive knock
On a friendly door
A contrived smile
Breaks on frigid shore

No sign of that which
Brings us to this fateful day
When old friends must meet
As strangers may

The food
It tastes nostalgically hot
Long since I ate here
Long since we fought

Our words carefully
Uncomfortable references mask.
To prevent the pain
Is an arduous task

And so we hide
Our pain and thought
Cloaking them with
Niceties and nought

And exchange things
That we did
While our lives
From the other were hid

The experienced scars
Caution induce
Lest fresh blood purges
The delicate truce.

I think we must allow
The scars to bleed
Catharsize our souls
Nourish friendship’s seed

Till then silently
We'll bleed in compromise
Scared to expose
What our scars disguise


Tinky Toinkers said…
howdy there old friend. long time is right. am glad to see you going great guns too... nice to have familiar stuff in the wild wild web eh?
Epiphany said…
welcome back man!
Nice one...isn't it funny how we end up starting new friendships with old friend with every "reunion"! :)
Alien said…
Toinks: Hi... tis nice to find old friends still writing!!

Epiphany; I guess so... and we discover new dimensions to old known terrains.. thats surprising at times!
austere said…
Alien- was this an alumni meet? Sorry, silly ol me. Will return to read. Envy the simplicity of your words.
Alien said…
austere: Nein, it wasn't... Thanks for dropping by.. coming back again?

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